Movie Night

Movie night was at R’s house, so  I had planned to grab all the little alleys along the 24th and 25th. But there was too much color and creative craziness on every corner of 24th Street, it took me over an hour to photo my way through to the Serengeti of street art, Balmy.

Balmy is apparently famous, but I visited for the first time.
0076 Balmy

Back alley garage doors, escape gates and doorways, dog and cat gangways and the occasional bunghole, are all covered with paint. Some of the murals are new, some really old school, and some were made by famous people.
0024 Balmy

It is like a real world gallery. At one point it was getting dark, so I set up my tripod and started shooting murals. A group of kids showed up at the other end of Osage and I briefly considered bailing. They set up in the middle, put down a boom box for the boom beats and started hanging out. It totally made sense. Where else would anyone hang out? You look up from your beer bottle and see a painting that would not fit inside a room, and even if it fit, these pieces will be in some aesthetic consensus institution in 10 years at the earliest. It is like seeing Daft Punk in 1996 with 53 other bastards.
3436 25th Street


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