Street Signs

I started taking shots of street signs because it used to take me 4eva to figure out where I’ve been. It’s easy, you start following a thread through the cityscape, a line, color, series of shapes, or you chase an airplane across the sky. It’s like attempting to build a secondary mind structure in the middle of an information storm. A total hip shot, current settings, just make sure that there is only one pic, not to waste space.

Some of them come out nice enough that they make the cut, especially if the rest of the place is donkey, or in bad light. 0001 Zeno Place

The ones in Chinatown add some flavor, probably the stuff N8 puts in his soups.
0000 St. Louis Place

And sometimes you have to look for them in unusual places.
0000 Bannam Place

This one I took on purpose.
Suggested background music:
A) Hiss of air escaping from bicycle tire
B) 14.5 kHz  and above from any Sonic Youth track played at really low volume.
0301 Quint

This one on 24th and Balmy had sticker art on it. I did not notice until in RAW software.

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