Power Lines

It had to come to this sooner or later. Power lines fetish is well documented, just search my tags for it. First thing I ever noticed about San Francisco was the power lines, because they are on poles instead of under ground, like in civilized countries, or maybe we like wooden poles in the middle of the sidewalk.
I call them power lines just for convenience, they might be all kinds of lines. Electric lines, telephone lines, cable cables, closed circuit TV, internet tubes, and private nanopipelines for delivering premium beer to people who deserve it.

There are multiple layers of wires in this picture, like in a shoebox jungle. Which brings up a question why they are no lianas hanging from the wires. Where is the ivy?
0002 Nobles Alley

Power lines and poles are the rockstars. The city in the background is just a background.
0661 Rhode Island

I think it is because their feet are close so there is no current.
0456 Vermont

Power lines.
0771 Wisconsin

Definitely nanopipelines.
0655 Tennessee

When you disconnect this switch, the rocket silo silencer retracts back into the building.
0786 Tennessee

Aztec power lines.
1192 Alabama

One can call any fire department on the planet from this tagged red box.



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