Got a new camera for tight spots. Canon S95 with full manual controls. Infinite way how to screw up photos. Luckily, there are still presets like HDR, focus stacking and B&W snowman preset.

One of the advantages is the fact that the camera is in my breast pocket at all times. I can take pix of all stupid tags I want. There is a lot of tags.IMG_0471 s95

The new HDR mode is pretty good. It takes three bracketed shots and renders them a jpeg inside the camera while you wait. Here is an example of a shot which would have ended up very contrasty and/or blown in either direction. The resulting HDR is kinda thin, but not bad.
IMG_0447 s95

The HDR mode creates cool effects when unexpected happens.0001 The Embarcadero

This is Jack Kerouac Alley, and the photo was taken during lunch. N8 and I went to North Beach to have a coppa sandwich at one of the delis. 0039 Jack Kerouac Alley (Adler)

The low light mode is amazing. It cranks up ISO until one can take a hand held shot with no flash, which is great for parties, Burning Man, or parties at Burning Man. Or hanging out in Clarion at night with twins from Siam joined at the johnson.
0049 Clarion Alley


Clarion Alley

I have finally discovered Clarion. I must have passed it million times, but never went in. I know, unbelievable. As my attention gradually shifts to street art in all forms, I look for it now, instead of coming across it, I deliberately look for it and shoot it.
The daily session was done at noon in not the best light, but the colors and shapes are vivid and sharp, overwhelming, overloading.