I was photowalking to deYoung from work on Friday to attend the Mission Muralismo shindig and to talk to Russel about stencils.
I turned the corner into Fern because I have not done the photon harvesting on the stretch and there was still some light.
At the far end of the street, someone was putting painting tools into a bucket and walking away. When I came closer, this is what I saw.

I started talking to the security guard from the Regency who was taking pix of the still wet artwork, and since I had the stencil book on me, namedropping was next.
“You know, there is some serious stuff around town, like this superfamous secret Banksy type,” said I while waving the picture book around. The dude did not even stop filming and pointed with his thumb over his shoulder.
“Like that one?”
There was the Glitter Anarchy Rat right on the wall behind him. Covered with plastic. Tagged. Glittery.



What is art? If Jackson Pollock had a violent diarrhea on the sidewalk, it would be street art. If I did it, it would be disgusting.
Tags are so primordial they are like the beat, sometimes it’s too fast, but always basic.
I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen these last time around, sometime in May. Gold, yellow, silver, and a nice flower.

0155 Quincy

0161 Quincy

0179 Quincy

IMG_1854 Quincy