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So far I’ve found two. One on Lower Terrace in Corona Heights and the second in Chinatown.

They printed Vinton backwards. I wonder if Chinese is written right to left.

Found another one in new Mission Bay campusland. There are A and C Streets and also B1, B2, and B3 Streets. Someone managed to misprint the number three.


Parasite Streets

BTW, I know there is an excessively negative parasite stereotype, but in this case there are no qualifiers. These streets exist on the backs of other streets, living off their hosts bustle, but not suffocating them, etc…, look it up. The archetypal example would be Cesar Chavez where the guest totally envelopes the host, except for minuscule iceberg tips poking the glass ceiling.

Jose Sarria was a first openly gay person to run for a public office, so they named a couple blocks of the 16th Street his Court. He ran in 1961, which is like yesterday.

Timothy Pflueger took over Chelsea Place in Union Square. Timothy was an architect responsible for some 1920’s and 30’s art deco in San Francisco and Chelsea deserves to be stripped of one street: they purchased Fernando Torres for $80 million. How about building a hospital, Chelsea? Mental one.

Example of symbiosis: One Way, Guy and Lansing working together on a non-zero-sum solution.

Just a wild guess: that Chinese translation does not say St Louis.

Interesting fact about Volney: it does not exist no more, as it was wiped out during construction. The residents put up signs to remember the old names. Or something like that.

In a classical example, Green street is over coated with Beach Blanket Babylon for one block.
0656 Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard

North Beach has Via Ferlinghetti one howl away from City Lights. It used to be called Price Row.

Jack Micheline was a beat poet and his takeover of the street is still not finished. The forces of Pardee are tough to push out as they prevent runaways in Telegraph Hill.
0000 Jack Micheline Place (Pardee)

Here the ghetto attempt to reclaim the street for the local baseball team from the Texans was a result of having too much coffee at Foley’s again.

I’m sure everyone wants to live on, or near Babe Blvd. Unless it is a bunch of piglets.


So if you had the choice, would you take the stairs, or would you climb the vines? By attaching the picture, the cognitive decoupling can kick in gear like a Prius on solar electrons: the complexity of it all, ascending multiple staircases, turning into ivy when there is time.
0192 Laidley