Schrödinger’s Trucks

Funniest part about cars and TWITA Streets is that there might be some probabilistic duplication of their depiction. Just like quantum particles cannot be predicted when observed, sometimes a vehicle with the right spin and/or flavor can behave like a Schrödinger’s Truck. The car may be parked in a different spot, re-stickered or re-painted. I like to make the plates unreadable for privacy reasons.This RV is past funny.
1504 Harrison Street

I love the trees.
0000 Treat

2117 Harrison

3109 19th Street

Cool fire and water murals are not exclusive feature of civilian trucks. SFPD has a great fire engine art on one of their vehicles.
0707 2nd Street

0495 Division

0196 Hubbell

0410 Trumbull

2892 20th Street

I think this bus has been repainted since I took the photo, but the hood ornaments are excellent.
0032 Florida

After with HYPE.
2655 17th Street

Before with Dan Plasma.
2856 17th Street

Sideways Bob, who looks kinda pissed off.
0062 Capp



I almost put this under Misspelled Forever, but then I saw the light. Putting number one in the name of an ancient mathematician and geometer is clever and appropriate. Judging by the moss, it is ancient.

Upton X Upton

So there was a park maintenance vehicle right next to the sign. The woman driving it was friendly and warm, but did not really understand why my mind was blown. How can a street intersect itself? If not on some four dimensional level, how does this work in pythagorean geometry? Where does a street have to go so it can come back and intersect? Maybe it’s in the gunpowder.