It may seem like an obsession with signage, but as my primary luditic mode of navigation, the street signs are essential. San Francisco has a proud tradition of not putting words like Avenue, Court, Street, Lane, Alley, Boulevard, Terrace, Circle, Drive, etc… on the signs, which is fine, but now the street guardians took idiosyncracies to a higher level. Lowercase ! It looks like new signs are compatible with not yelling on the web. BALLANCE CUBA ARMY MISSION !!!!! How rude.

0025 Bradford

0101 Kimball Place

0225 Stanyan



This is the first time in 16,000+ pix my beverage is featured. I smelled the coffee shop and bakery from blocks away. Latte was OK, pastry excellent.
Recommended reading: Nicholson Baker, The Anthologist. Do not know how to make italics right now.
Recommended listening: Terranova.
0086 Poppy Lane


Gargoyles normally divert water coming down from the roof, so it would fall far from the building. Like this one.
0700 Mason

Some descend the roof to watch entrances to building by scaring off street people like me. This one is more like, what the shit! Or, possibly, hipstergeeks installed infrared cameras in the beady eyes.
0382 Bryant

I don’t think these guys do H2O at all. They’re just psyched to be hanging out in Lower Haight.
0801 Haight

Palácio Nacional da Pena


1. basic: big bunny does not know, it’s ironic
2. political economics: underground sticker maker, 0wned by a big corporation (the lizard is an add for an insurance company on a billboard from across the street)
3. religious: son of  god, The Bunny, is sending message to his peepz, while the creator god, The Insurance Lizard, watches
4. penal: The Bunny is a warden of lizard jail, lizard wearing orange jumpsuit

0266 Townsend