Probably the coolest part of getting addicted to street art is finding it unexpectedly in random places. Turning a corner and suddenly discovering Hanksy. Eddie Cola poster on a freeway support beam. HYPE endlessly canvassing a warehouse. There is almost always a happy chuckle followed by the brief period of flow as the serotonin is released, euforia, reuptake and finally a nap.
Mansell Street in Visitacion Valley.

0490 Mansell

0488 Mansell


Satellite Dish

I should call this The Dish. I suspect these concave saucers will eventually disappear same way cable has, at least in my home entertainment section, but at the present, they are everywhere. Just like the Germans. Will be replaced by series of tubes, how sad.

1313 Girard  Street

0039 Lusk

0113 Elm

0215 Leidesdorff

6348 California Street

0397 Niantic

3048 25th Street

0011 Fielding

1394 Gateview Avenue

0605 The Embarcadero

0342 Vallejo

0022 White