1505 Harrison Street

3650 18th Street

2711 19th Street

0388 Kirkham

1604 Bancroft

1603 Bancroft

0603 Hampshire

0000 Ramona



San Francisco is a hub for all kinds of traffic. Birds come here from all over the world when they migrate, usually land on my balcony and eat my plants, the ones not destroyed by caterpillars.
Planes behave in a similar fashion, they circle for a while, then possibly land. One exception is helicopters. They hover 30 feet above my house, not scaring the birds away, because it is fucking 5 am. I managed to capture some of the airplanes in action around the city, surprisingly no helis. Perhaps my hatred manifests itself in inaction.

2188 Greenwich

0011 Sola

0779 Avenue E

0228 Gaven

Streets of Burning Man 2012

Obviously, there are streets at the burn. Black Rock City is a third biggest town in Nevada, but only for a week.

Burning Man 2012

Here is Wall Street, it got burned to the ground.
Burning Man 2012

The Promenade shot from 3 o’clock.
Burning Man 2012

Original San Francisco street sign.
Burning Man 2012

My favorite spot, Disco Knights on the Esplanade.
Burning Man 2012

Lilac, and now we have the :15 and :45 streets, yeah, and 2:15.
Burning Man 2012

An art car stuck in traffic on the Esplanade.
Burning Man 2012

2:00 & Lilac, the edge of the fucking universe.
Burning Man 2012

Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is omnipresent, I realized, after I looked at my previous post and searched my photostream. I’ve come across so many of her murals, it was not feasible to ignore them no more. Here is a sampling of the works around the city.

0200 Valencia

0061 Duboce

0021 Clinton Park

0102 9th Street

1837 Folsom

0033 Clinton Park

1766 Folsom

3604 19th Street

1003 Alabama

2050 Bryant Street