The dude came out of the bushes and looked at me saying: “You did not bring your 70-300mm, did you, fool !?”
And I was like, no I didn, but I have Lightroom Four Point Three and don’t care the shot is direct X the sun !
Then I snapped like 15 and the conversation was over. Radioactive rabbits are here for you and me.

The funnier part is that this Saturday, another coyote came out from the bushes on Portola Drive and marked his territory two feet from traffic, looked at me from 15m knowing my camera was inside the backpack, and then walked slowly away and disappeared. “You look fat! Fur is murder! I yelled, but it was all for naught and the memories.
0000 Hussey



I should set the record str8. Not all streets on the list are for real. That does not mean they do not exist in the official time – space continuum, but they are not really official, as far as the city is concerned. There are some bizarro entities, driveways and holes in the wall that are recognized officially, but here we are talking about stuff people make up.


0000 Rumba Way

0000 Volney Alley

0300 Texas

0000 Candy McDonald Lane

1101 Noel

0000 Boat Tie Down Lane

0000 Louisa

1640 Gum Road

Power Lines Ad Nauseum

Thanks a lot you god damn hippies for putting all these wires in my hood. See also: Infrastructure.

Ultimately, it is like everything else socioeconomix. Try to look for power lines in affluent hoods, there are none, because they are buried underground. It cost 5 times more to hide the wires, but it also increases the unlikelihood of blackouts.
0967 Huron

0166 Lakeview

0001 Redondo

0452 Florida