Altered Signs

One way how to deal with a fixation is to infatuate it. Signs are my idée fixe, but not my bee in my bonnet, for obvious reasons. People fixing names, we will see more of this after the revolution.
1101 Noel

0300 Texas

0400 Larkin

0199 Ridge Lane

0000 Rosé

idée fixe, infatuation, mania, phobia, preoccupation, ruling passion, thing


Cranes Remix

I’m afraid the vista spreads crane’s wings,
and running on the ground they can see what stays.
Wanted meal, insects, worms and nymphs, and fresh drinking water, they are neck in neck.
I see traffic, the car can not push any further.
Contamination and driver, lust and greed and speed.

This is a remix. I translated a poem named Cranes I found on the web back and forth between various languages, then I sampled it.
San Francisco

1393 Hudson Avenue

0490 China Basin

0678 19th Street

0010 Ils Lane

2903 Richard Henry Dana Place

0810 Egbert

0003 Pier 98 (Heron's Head)

0642 19th Street

San Francisco


Possibly overdue, the reminder came in a form of a popup on my Flickr page. I am a member of Sutro Tower Group with 7 photos, yet I have no blog post about the abomination.
Product of the Cold War, the transmitter was designed to block Soviet radio signals from reaching San Francisco. We used to huddle under the blanket, listening to the crystal receiver with North Korean propaganda. One had to constantly twist the dial to stay with the elusive, harmonizing frequency.
Or, as Michael Chabon puts it in Telegraph Avenue: “…, the iron giant jubilating up there on Twin Peaks.”

2301 Broderick

0047 Caselli

0087 Belgrave

0066 Heyman

0111 Christopher Drive

0004 Saint Croix Drive

0499 Locust

0666 Scott Street

0979 Central