Almost forgot to celebrate

2429 Market

3737 21st Street

1608 15th Street


Steps & Stairs

I originally started with only staircases in streets called steps, but then the regular stair lobby leaned in and nudged. I may slip one or two in, depending on space. Standing up to lobbyists is a badge of honor these days, do I have the nerves to do it is another question. I do want to sleep at night.
0002 Moraga Steps

0000 Moraga Steps

0047 Peter Macchiarini Steps

0050 Peter Macchiarini Steps

0000 Filbert Steps

0001 Filbert Steps

0000 Linda Vista Steps

So, in the end the lobby lost. I do not care if I get reelected. It also means the title is wrong.

Victor Reyes

I’ve been liking his psychedelic murals for a while, even though I very often confused him with Spendlove.
If I had a house, it would be painted like this inside out.
If I was loaded, it would hopefully be one my fav guys doing it, someone like this.
Why are not all houses happy with paint, deBlob was supposed to change everything.
0077 Grace

1416 Harrison

0013 Sycamore

1307 Mission

2997 Folsom

San Francisco

2655 17th Street

0008 Washburn

1253 Stevenson

1519 Utah

0319 Linden

1043 Howard

1521 Utah

3303 23rd Street

1309 Howard Street

1834 Geary Boulevard

0746 Bryant Street