Stencils 1

I’m sure there are many in my collection, hence the title. The trend seems to have been macro to micro zoom, I’ve been looking at the whole collection, 2500 streets, and picking one element to focus on. Tagging is important and convenient, and that’s how I quickly find subjects for the post, but sometimes my tagless memory wanders through the associative space “knowing” there are more crannies full of markers. I have to figure out how to group the streets in hoods, maybe on the next project.
There will be more stencil posts.
3510 16th Street

0645 Florida

3337 24th Street

2147 19th Street

0031 Mistral

2948 Lyon

0901 Tennessee

0001 Osage Alley

0588 Filbert

0833 Mariposa

1820 Post

3502 19th Street

0699 Iowa

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