Dutton (The Art Instinct, 2009) enumerates a list of twelve universal features of art that he argues are rooted in our evolved human nature:
1. the direct sense of pleasure a work of art provides;
2. the skill and virtuosity involved in its creation;
3. the presence of a recognizable style in which the artwork is made;
4. its novelty and originality;
5. its ability to generate critical judgment and appreciation;
6. its representation or imitation of real or imaginary experiences;
7. the way works of art are set apart from ordinary life and given special attention;
8. its expression of the individual personality of the artist;
9. its “emotional saturation,” or the ability of the work to incite emotions in its audience;
10. the intellectual challenge that it can provide for an audience;
11. the significance that the work has in an artistic tradition;
12. and finally, the imaginative experience that the work represents for its producer and evokes in its audience.

0350 6th Street
Portrait of the Artist as a Caveman, Micah Mattix


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