Back Doors

1984 Jones

2330 Mission

0484 Vallejo Street

1011 Market

0190A Capp

3368 19th Street

1635 Mason

0958 Indiana


Garage Doors

Oh yeah, and garage doors too. I changed my mind. Originally, it was to be a celebration of house openings. Doors, windows, stairs, roofs, chimneys, walls, pillars, TV antennas and sat dishes. House décor done with a camera and a mem card in plain daylight, but apparently, there are too many doors already. Hence the new post devoted to garage doors only.
0024 Lilac

0201 3rd Avenue

Sirron Norris.
0354 5th Street

0144 Lilac

0148 Townsend

Safety first.
0388 Congo

0149 Lilac

0175 Lilac

0010 Galindo

2524 Bryant

0013 Cedar

0046 Cedar

1575 Palou


I include gates, based solely on etymology. Deal with it.

This is like that cognition game where one recalls objects in a photograph. There are not so many, but I’m not sure the door would be one of the ones I’d remember.

And chameleon doors.
2927 20th Street

Door on Market completely covered with multilayers of stickers. Future archeological site, no doubt, with grad students peeling stickers off with tweezers. Can’t wait.
1010 Market