Fences are great to photograph, but not so cool if I want to take closeups.

0035 Lusk

5716 Geary Boulevard

0011 Lilac

0000 Lester Court

1444 Mission

Terry A. Francois

0530 Terry A. Francois

0001 Saint Francis Circle

0498 Terry A. Francois

1757 3rd Street

0101 Vermont



1. basic: big bunny does not know, it’s ironic
2. political economics: underground sticker maker, 0wned by a big corporation (the lizard is an add for an insurance company on a billboard from across the street)
3. religious: son of  god, The Bunny, is sending message to his peepz, while the creator god, The Insurance Lizard, watches
4. penal: The Bunny is a warden of lizard jail, lizard wearing orange jumpsuit

0266 Townsend