Misspelled Corrected

Latest misspell, corrected by crowdsource.
2200 Bryant Street


Misspelled / Fire Alarm Update

Been beaten down to a meme, my posts about spelling errors and fire alarms have become a nuisance for some, source of nano euphoria for others. I cannot help it, like David Foster Wallace’s mom.
0101 Margaret

0047 Sonora Lane

I always try to hype the act of someone misspelling something in a new and original way. For instance, “Are you on krak?” or “Stimulants not working?” or “Let’s eat vampire guano and paint”, but I think I am running out of words. Plus this  stamp concrete (pronounce it the french way, like you are on ze board with it) is inexplicable in its simplicity. Dyslexic mirroring is the clinical term.
I cannot speak for the parties involved (did not prevent me in the past, though), but this sounds like the warmup for this particular sidewalk finishing was a double bill of Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen.

Keep it trancey, duckie !
2200 22nd Street

0001 Lyndhurst Drive

0000 Stillwell Road

0199 Westwood Drive

0001 Mill

1656 Bryant Street

0005 Whitney Young Circle

2177 Jerrold

0497 Hazelwood

Misspelled Again

Second round of misspelling was instigated by Bianca who was visiting and participating. She does not speak English, but she had noticed unusually large amount of misspelling I’d have missed. This street is called Accacia.

Melra Court, nuff said.
0000 Melra Court

San Benito, how much crystal meth can one absorb on a Monday? The imprint looks at least 40 years old.
0201 San Benito Way

Technically not misspelled, still gets points for using an M instead of W.
0198 Denslowe Drive

There is an European Rika, US Rika, and finally Kosta Rika. I’d love to be there when these are made. “Les fuck with it gentlemen, it’s forever.”
0401 Eureka

Junipero came up the coast a while back and now there is a street misspelled after him. The gomita is original.
0899 Junipero Serra Boulevard

Creative way to fuck Sanchez up. The G by itself would be enough, but the mirror Z is a fantastic touch. It is like hitting a cow in a car while successfully swerving to avoid a chicken.
1450 Sanchez

Cordove, wts.
0000 Cordova