The lamp giving a subdued heil to the ultimate phallic symbol, the unsubduded chimney, supported by a viagra of cables.
The incogruence of the building’s dilapidation plus the NorCal IPA light quality makes it into an object of art, from which one can ever ironically leave only by an external fire escape.
0129 Russ



Second round of photons bouncing off objects. If you squint your eyes, you might spot an odd neutrino or two, if you are lucky.
1666 Waller

0853 14th Street

0236 Fremont

3044 24th Street

0139 Geary Street

0406 Treat Avenue

0141 Geary Street

0003 Hulbert Alley

0148 1st Street

1502 Dolores Street

0810 Mission