Lane Way

0499 Campus Way

0500 Campus Way


Altered Signs

One way how to deal with a fixation is to infatuate it. Signs are my idée fixe, but not my bee in my bonnet, for obvious reasons. People fixing names, we will see more of this after the revolution.
1101 Noel

0300 Texas

0400 Larkin

0199 Ridge Lane

0000 Rosé

idée fixe, infatuation, mania, phobia, preoccupation, ruling passion, thing


I should set the record str8. Not all streets on the list are for real. That does not mean they do not exist in the official time – space continuum, but they are not really official, as far as the city is concerned. There are some bizarro entities, driveways and holes in the wall that are recognized officially, but here we are talking about stuff people make up.


0000 Rumba Way

0000 Volney Alley

0300 Texas

0000 Candy McDonald Lane

1101 Noel

0000 Boat Tie Down Lane

0000 Louisa

1640 Gum Road

Misspelled / Fire Alarm Update

Been beaten down to a meme, my posts about spelling errors and fire alarms have become a nuisance for some, source of nano euphoria for others. I cannot help it, like David Foster Wallace’s mom.
0101 Margaret

0047 Sonora Lane

I always try to hype the act of someone misspelling something in a new and original way. For instance, “Are you on krak?” or “Stimulants not working?” or “Let’s eat vampire guano and paint”, but I think I am running out of words. Plus this  stamp concrete (pronounce it the french way, like you are on ze board with it) is inexplicable in its simplicity. Dyslexic mirroring is the clinical term.
I cannot speak for the parties involved (did not prevent me in the past, though), but this sounds like the warmup for this particular sidewalk finishing was a double bill of Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen.

Keep it trancey, duckie !
2200 22nd Street

0001 Lyndhurst Drive

0000 Stillwell Road

0199 Westwood Drive

0001 Mill

1656 Bryant Street

0005 Whitney Young Circle

2177 Jerrold

0497 Hazelwood