Fence Art

Things are longineal
3005 17th Street

Home street home
San Francisco

Tomorrow the Earth bans you


Wasabi Mayoe

This is art, but when does it become art?
Obviously, just like with any photograph, there is a story. Kids tagged a standpipe.
Some would argue the pipes themselves are work of art, there are many different types and shapes, topologies, topographies and typographies. My thesaurus just overheated. Aquamarine screen of death.
Stolen, perhaps artfully, caps replaced by vangoghish orange earplates.
Dutifully tagged.
Then I took a picture of it. Processed the eff out of it.
At what point does this become art?
0351 9th Street

Just Stop It

Word. Fighting fire with H2O is so 20th century, when Bone was not even born. The end of history.
0004 Brosnan

Even more ironic approach to Stopping It is to summon all warriors under one roof, charge money for it and get some corporate sponsorship plastered on bus stops everywhere.
0606 Cabrillo

The antwort.
2803 19th Street