Tale of Two Zeros

Looks like Ina Court is all zeros, Mansfield throws his naughts in as well. La Grande as the name indicates, is a kilo.
0000 Ina Court

0000 Ina Court



I should set the record str8. Not all streets on the list are for real. That does not mean they do not exist in the official time – space continuum, but they are not really official, as far as the city is concerned. There are some bizarro entities, driveways and holes in the wall that are recognized officially, but here we are talking about stuff people make up.


0000 Rumba Way

0000 Volney Alley

0300 Texas

0000 Candy McDonald Lane

1101 Noel

0000 Boat Tie Down Lane

0000 Louisa

1640 Gum Road