Can’t see no forest whatsoever.
0055 Rodriguez

0023 Park Trail

0022 Fernandez

0003 Selma Way

0187 Fremont

0790 Alabama

0637 Mission Bay Boulevard (South)

3569 19th Street

0949 Larkin

0011 Lauren Court

0077 Daniel Burnham Court

0668 Mason

0032 Paloma

1175 Bryant Street

1195 Howard Street

1390 4th Street

0613 Mission Bay Boulevard (South)


Beaver Porn

If I was a beaver, this would appeal to me. There is something about good light. If I was chased around those trees by a robotic centipede (or a bunny rabbit) I probably would not care, because my hair would look great. Physics, distance, angles, air density, the lens I was using are all measurable tangibles.
0000 Ruger