Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn is omnipresent, I realized, after I looked at my previous post and searched my photostream. I’ve come across so many of her murals, it was not feasible to ignore them no more. Here is a sampling of the works around the city.

0200 Valencia

0061 Duboce

0021 Clinton Park

0102 9th Street

1837 Folsom

0033 Clinton Park

1766 Folsom

3604 19th Street

1003 Alabama

2050 Bryant Street



Probably the coolest part of getting addicted to street art is finding it unexpectedly in random places. Turning a corner and suddenly discovering Hanksy. Eddie Cola poster on a freeway support beam. HYPE endlessly canvassing a warehouse. There is almost always a happy chuckle followed by the brief period of flow as the serotonin is released, euforia, reuptake and finally a nap.
Mansell Street in Visitacion Valley.

0490 Mansell

0488 Mansell